Building Serios NYC

In the year 2016, I decided to start brain storming for  a new project that will keep me motivated and helped me to deliver a positive message to people who suffer from addiction and depression.

I came up with the word Serios which means Serious in Spanish, and the attitude behind it is “Let’s get Serios to it” to whatever it is that you wan to do, you must be serious about it and put some serious work. I came with the concept of imitating the $$money sign and sort of a Japanese style.

For me this brand means succeed and support, I feel that I can bring motivation, fashion and art to people struggling with depression and understanding the sober life style.

Here’s some logos I came up with:

Eventually I decided to pick the Corazon logo, but I will be using the other on different marketing graphics. I started to some motivation quotes on Instagram to delivered the positive message and to generate followers.

Here’s some samples:

There’s more to come, at the moment this is a “work in progress” if you like this please make sure to follow us on Instagram at:  . Thank you!!

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